Georgian Old Sheffield Plate rectangular French Tray 1820

Cod. Art. 00182
Dettagli del prodotto

Exceptional French rectangular tray made with the "French Plating" technique, an original method of processing used in France from around 1770 (similar to the Old Sheffield Plate English but much more complicated in the whole process) which allowed the French silversmiths to produce objects of the highest quality as the tray under examination. The entire border is richly decorated with exquisite fusion of vine shoots and bunches of grapes then finished in chisel, this showy workmanship is repeated also for handles. The bottom of the tray is completely hand-engraved with an extremely elegant and detailed floral engraving. On the back of the border we find marks that confirm the particular "French Plating" process, the production date 1820, the hight thickness of the silver (10E) and one mark (Gan Argent) denote that the tray has silver borders (filled with solder) attached to it (see pages 170/171 of Frederck Bradbury's "History of Old Sheffield Plate"). The silver was now very worn, so a careful restoration was carried out by highly qualified personnel who restored the object to its ancient splendor.The beauty, quality and craftsmanship of this tray really make it a unique end rare piece. Width 77 cm, depth 47 cm, height 5 cm.

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