Art Nouveau English Brass Centerpiece, circa 1910

Codice articolo 00147
Dettagli del prodotto

The brass body of the centerpiece is formed by a band pressed with arabesque motifs, intervalled with smooth rosettes, the feets are in the shape of an ovalizzed sphere, on the band is applied an elegant handle pivoted so as to be movable and lightened by a fretwork on its top. Inside the centerpiece there is a finely carved and cut star shaped crystal on the bottom that serves to contain floral compositions. The artefact is inspired by German WMF models featured in the 1906 Art Nouveau catalog. The color of the brass due to the wear of time, creates a pleasant contrast that does not disturb but makes the object more charming and dated. Width 30 cm, depth 16 cm, height 25 cm.

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